Village Micro-Credit

Village Micro-credit for women and youths is put in place by PAORP-VWC is to support women and youths to become new group of Business entrepreneur. This will enable them jointly as a group source little amounts of money..

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Sexual Health

PAORP-VWC has designed a health education package for basic school in the urban and rural communities in Cameroon and Ghana. This project is a follow up project after the organization successfully implemented a nutritional..

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HIV/AIDS Campaign

The rapid spread of HIV infection among women is alarming. Roughly 47% of the 15,000 new infections each day are in women of childbearing age. Women are biologically more vulnerable to HIV infection and other STIs.

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Pan- African Oganisation Tamale in its drive to bring out smile on the faces of children from all works of life has extended its wings beyond its regular school activities.

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Pan African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children (PAORP-VWC) is a Non-Governmental Human Rights and Development Organisation created on the 05/02/2008 and registered in Ghana on 12th September 2008 under the Registrar General's Department as a Charity no G-25,584 and the Department of Social Welfare Ghana under registration number DSW/4437.

The organisation is also registered in Cameroon with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development under registration number NW/GP/040/10/13150 in compliance with law no 92/006 of 14th August 1992 and its decree of application no 92/455/PM of 23rd November 1992.

Though being a charity, we believe in integrated and participatory approaches in promoting meaningful Change that will provide a safer environment for women and children rather than just being charitable to them by providing their basic daily needs of food, Shelter and clothing.

PAORP-VWC is an Non-Sectarian, Non-Political and Non-Profit-making Organisation out to lobby with policy makers and opinion leaders on behalf of women and children who are the most vulnerable in the society and whose voices are never been taken into consideration when major decisions are to be taken.

PAORP-VWC is the voice of the voiceless pushing its way across African countries. It founding members are 7 experts' humanitarian professionals drawn from Ghana and Cameroon presently working and living in Ghana.

With many years of staff experiences in the field of complex humanitarian emergency across Africa, PAORP-VWC is created to intervene where other organisations may not dare because of the complexity of the crisis.

We work using gender sensitive participatory approaches to obtain sustainable solutions to our core values.